I haven’t booked my follow up visit – in what timeframe should I return to get the best results?

Unfortunately, this is not a singular one fits all answer. 

 If you attended for massage because you had muscle pain, tension, or restricted motion the answer is easy. These symptoms are usually caused by tight muscles – where the muscle is working when it doesn’t need to. That means there is some level of disconnect between the brain controller and muscleconsultation.jpg.

Your massage therapist will probably have explained to you that the pressure sensation (good pain) caused by massage neurologically reconnects the neural pathways which signal messages enabling the brain to relax the tense muscle. Repetition of the neurological response to massage is the key to long lasting success. Successful treatment is to train and expand the number of active neural pathways so that your muscle can become responsive again.

treatment_plan.jpg4 to 7 days between sessions is the optimal timeframe where you are seeking freedom from pain, tension, or movement restriction. You should notice a HUGE difference after session number 3. That’s the tipping point where a previously destructive muscle memory (constantly tense) is replaced by a constructive muscle memory of function. 

The timeframe between these early sessions in the Relief or Corrective Phase of Care does matter. Getting a massage too soon, and you may still be sore from your previous session. Leave it too long between sessions and you lose the accumulative effects of a course of treatment that retrain the muscle memory and oil the neural pathways that make your muscle responsive to active living. Think of it in a similar way to how antibiotics work.

Massage received for health maintenance, stress reversal, or performance enhancement will all require an individual timeframe between sessions to suit you and your lifestyle. If you are starting regular treatments from a good place such as after a course of treatments, you may find that a monthly session keeps you ticking brightly. Monthly treatment plan

Periods of time where you encounter stress – be it physical, mental, emotional, or chemical stressors – may require you to modify your stress management strategy and the frequency of your regular massage.

If you would like to speak with a clinic director about finding the ideal frequency of massage to deliver the best treatment results for you and what your options are by choosing to take your massage care further, then please call our reception team on 02037949760 or send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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