Therapist Spotlight: Ben

This month we put under the spotlight our brilliant therapist Ben. We asked him how he started his career as a massage therapist and what motivates him at work, what’s his favourite place in London, and what would be his wish if he had one granted. Read his answers below to find out even more:

1. What led you to a massage therapist career?

I completed my Sports Massage Qualification as an extra skill during the first year of my degree in Sports and Exercise Science. I then went on a yearlong placement at a physiotherapist clinic in which my main role was massage therapist. I thoroughly enjoyed it and have kept it going since. 

 2. What motivates you at work?

I'm motivated by the gratitude and praise of my clients and knowing that I'm making a real difference to their lives for the better.

 3. What do you like doing in your free time?

I enjoy working out at the gym as well as boxing training. I also enjoy going out with my friends and girlfriend, as well as spending time on the PlayStation.

 4. Do you have any pets?   Ben ollie ok

I have a dog called Ollie, who is a mix of three types of Spaniels. He’s a third Cocker Spaniel, Springer Spaniel and Prince Charles Spaniel, all together. So sometimes he’s a bit crazy and sometimes he’s really calm as he gets the two sides of it. He is all black and super cute. I also have a cat, called Marie. They are friends and chase each other around, but also like to cuddle. It’s really funny to see them together!  

 5. If you could teach your dog a trick, what would it be?   ben ollie 2 ok

At the moment Ollie can sit, he can do paw, he can lie down. What I’ll like him to do is the trick where you pretend to have a gun in your hand and you go “BANG!”, and the dog lies down. I don’t know how you start teaching them, but it looks so funny.

 6. What’s your favourite place in London?  

TGI Fridays in Piccadilly Circus. I go there with my girlfriend all the time as the food and drinks are lovely and the area has a lot to do.

 7. Which word would you use if you could only use one for the rest of your life?   

If that was really the case, I’m going to live life to the fullest, so, my one word is just going to be YES. It means I’ll just do everything without hesitation and that would be how I’ll live the rest of my life. 

 8. What was the last thing you watched?   

The last thing I watched on Netflix was a new show called “The Alienist”. I’m watching it with my girlfriend and so far we are into it, it’s really good!

 9. What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten?   

I’m quite fussy with eating. I only ever eat the very safe stuff, I don’t try and experiment with anything crazy so, I don’t know if there’s anything “weird” that I would really have. I’m really bad with trying new food!

 10. Would you rather stay in or go out on a Friday night?  piccadilly

 I enjoy going out! I always do at least something on either Friday or Saturday. 

 11. What’s the worst colour that was ever invented?  

Must be Light Green Olive!

 12. What are the songs that make you sing along whenever you hear them?  

It has to be the classic "British Anthems", so: Come on Eileen, Wonderwall and Chelsea Dagger. It’s those three songs, they’re the ones that no matter where it is, I feel like I have to join in.  

 13.If you were given the chance to make one wish come true, what would it be?  

The first thing that comes to my head is I wish I had illimited money, that never runs out. That would be great because then, I could not only do anything I want but also help other people as well! 

 14. What period would you travel to if you were given a time machine?  

I would like to go back like 60 years in the past, to 1966, when England won the world cup. I would like to go and see it cause that might never happen again!

 15. What are your hidden talents?   ben box ok

I don’t have any fancy talent, really. Maybe fact that I’m quite good at boxing, although I wouldn’t say that’s a talent as I trained quite hard to achieve it.

 16. What is your most-used emoji?  

It’s actually the love heart emoji because with my girlfriend we send love hearts at the end of each message. 


This or that

Text message or call? Text message

Bagels or toasts? I’ll have to say toast!  

Cardio or Weights? Weights!

Large crowd or small party? It depends on how large the crowd is, but I would say a small party.

Running or walking? Walking.

Eat Out or Takeaway? Takeaways.

Watching sports or playing sports? Watching sports.

Robots or Dinosaurs? Dinosaurs.

Clown shoes or clown hair? Clown shoes.

Be able to fly or teleport? Be able to fly.

Planning or going with the flow? I like planning.

Messi or Ronaldo? There’s only one correct answer here: Messi!

In a plane: aisle seat or window seat? Window seat.

City or the countryside? City. 

Live in a tepee or live in an igloo? The tepee as I assume it would be warmer!

Discover a new living species or discover a new star? A new species! That would be so cool to show everyone!



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