Sports massage: how to make the most of it

Sports Massage, which is one of the most requested treatments in our Fulham clinic, is a highly effective technique to bring relief and relaxation to muscles and joints after physical exercise. The therapist usually applies a firm pressure on a specific sore area in order to release tension and mobilise soft tissues of the muscles, improving overall body flexibility and elasticity.

Who is it for?


Although this type of treatment is commonly chosen by people who are physically active as an integral part of their fitness routine, our team actually recommends it to any client who is experiencing muscle tension, overall stiffness or pain. Not just professional athletes, but also people with a more sedentary lifestyle will get a great deal of benefits from a Sports Massage.


What are the benefits of a Sports Massage?

  • Increases blood circulation, bringing more oxygen and nutrients into the muscles and the tissues in order to reduce fatigue and soreness.
  • As well as improving blood circulation, it promotes the correct functioning of the lymphatic system facilitating a rapid removal of toxins and lactic acid from muscles, working as a very pleasant post-exercise relief.
  • It helps loosen shortened, tense muscle tissues and sooth sore joints by increasing the elasticity of over–trained hard tissues, which improves mobility and reduces pain in the body, making it easier to be active.
  • Stretches muscles in a variety of ways, stretching fibres and connective tissue that surrounds the muscles, reducing pain and tension and improving the overall body flexibility.
  • It helps decrease the recovery time between workouts, especially following longer sessions, enhancing the training performance.
  • It helps reduce and prevent injuries, by releasing tension in the muscles, promoting a good lubrication of joints and reducing swell and inflammation.
  • It assists with the healing of microscopic tears in muscles, reducing discomfort
  • It promotes body awareness, helping clients be more aware of their own condition, for example of a specific tension or injury, and adjust their routine accordingly.
  • It can also provide psychological benefits, either invigorating the body and mind, helping to get in the right frame for exercising or, if required, it can have a soothing effect which relaxes and reduces anxiety or stress.


How to make the most of a Sports Massage?

Our therapists in our Fulham clinic will be happy to have a consultation prior to your treatment, so that you can discuss any specific needs or areas you wish them to focus on. According to your goals and to your unique condition, the therapist may suggest a cycle of sessions. Or alternatively, if a particular pain or soreness is ongoing, a regular Sports Massage as part of your routine to act as a preventive measure.sports_massage_2.jpeg

Our team will also ensure that you stay hydrated, drinking plenty of water especially after a Sports Massage, so that your body can effectively flush out all the toxins and waste products after each treatment.

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