Client Spotlight – Athena Bray Mucha & Zibi Mucha

One of our mission statements at Fulham Massage & Wellness is to inspire our clients to improve their lives. We feel very privileged to provide a continuous support to our massage users so they can live their lives to the fullest, moving freely and pain free. Since we opened our doors to people of Fulham and surrounding areas, we have come across many clients who are a real inspiration to us. Client Spotlight is a blog series that we have launched to share with you the stories of some of our amazing clients. Athena Bray Mucha and Zibi Mucha have been our regular clients. They are also playing a highly active role in keeping people of Fulham as active and healthy as possible. Read their story here:

Athena and Zibi, where are you from?

Zibi is from Poland, he came to the UK in 2004 to further his career in Health and Fitness studying and training with the CHEK Institute alongside working as a Holistic Health Coach. Athena is from London, previously working in the Television industry and changing careers to become a Pilates teacher and Personal trainer.

How did you two meet?

This is a funny story, Zibi was the Head trainer in charge of a team of personal trainers and gym instructors, Athena joined the team as a newly qualified Personal trainer and they both got on so well, they decided to set up their business and also get married!


 When did you start your business? What prompted you to do it?

Having worked in the fitness industry for many years but seeing that a more holistic approach was needed to help clients in so many more ways than just the physical side, AtoZFitness was set up in 2007.

What services do you offer?2-min.png

We pride ourselves on the variety and quality of services we offer, we offer CHEK assessments which are broken down into 4 different levels, these cover postural, muscle length/tension, orthopaedic, vision, balance, primal movement, Holistic lifestyle coaching where we look at everything from nutrition, to sleep, hormonal imbalances, gut issues to stress. Pilates, Golf conditioning, Sports injury prevention and rehabilitation, Multiple Sclerosis wellbeing, Ante and Post-natal specialist training and many more. 

What made you choose Fulham & Parson Green as a place to live and work?

As we were already living in the Fulham area, it was only natural for this to be our base of where our services would operate from. It’s such a diverse area, filled with a great variety of individuals who have benefited from our help.

What do you like the most about your careers?

We live and breathe our careers, our legacy is to make sure that wellbeing and fitness is accessible to as many as possible, it’s about educating as many as we can with the knowledge we gain from our continuous studies. Zibi is currently training with the Chopra Institute as a Meditation coach which is another fantastic service, we will be able to offer, and Athena is training to be a Homeopathic Practitioner with The Centre of Homeopathic Education, currently just finishing her second year.


How do you spend your free/family time?

We enjoy being outdoors as much as possible in our free time, we go on family walks and enjoy teaching our daughter different activities, roller skating, cycling, tennis, rugby etc. We love to travel to and would like to see more of the world.


What is your favourite place in SW6?

We love Fulham Palace as a family, it’s such a lovely space and we are so lucky to have this area locally to enjoy.

What does wellness mean to you?

For us wellness is everything, it is more than just physical fitness or strength, it is the entire body systems working together in harmony just as nature intended. The body, mind and spirit connection are so important to listen to, each working together synchronised and connected.

Why regular massages are important for you?

For us being so physical with our work, having regular massages keep our bodies working well so we are able to continue how hard we work and play. Massage is so important in maintaining suppleness in the joints and musculature but also in injury prevention and rehabilitation. Also, a great way to unwind the mind, we know we are in very good hands coming to Fulham Massage and wellness for our own treatments.



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