5 Top facts about massage and weight loss

Weight loss and management can be quite a challenge for many of us. Each body is different and identifying the right diet or optimal level of exercise may be harder than expected, often causing frustration and lack of motivation along the way.

While it is undeniable that a healthy diet and a personalised fitness plan are the main factors responsible for a correct calorie intake, there is something else you can do to facilitate the process of weight loss and management: getting a professional massage.


Of course, massage therapy on its own cannot solve the problem but it is definitely one of the most pleasant ways to help manage body weight, so absolutely worth to integrate it in your overall wellness program.

Our team in Fulham highlighted five key benefits of massage therapy for weight loss and management:

  • Speeds up metabolism 

A professional massage helps reduce stress by easing up the tension in muscles and nerves. When we are stressed, the levels of cortisol hormone are high and this not only weakens our immune system, but also slows down metabolism, making really hard to lose weight. A regular massage therapy lowers the cortisol levels in the blood, therefore acting as a boost for metabolism and allowing us to indulge in the occasional treat without guilt.

  • Boosts circulation

The pressure applied by the therapist during a professional massage works wonders for the circulation, promoting the natural flow of blood and lymph so that oxygen and nutrients are brought to the cells and toxins and waste are promptly expelled. A good body circulation helps the correct functioning of the digestive system, facilitating the absorption of healthy nutrients (making the most of that fruit bowl that we diligently eat every morning) and the elimination of toxins  which are, amongst other factors, responsible for fat accumulation.

  • Helps be more active

A good deep tissue massage helps relieve the pain and aches in muscles, bones and joints. The immediate results are increased mobility and improved flexibility, which allows you to be more active and prevents injuries. There is nothing more than an inflamed knee or a back pain that can disrupt your fitness routine and affect your motivation, while feeling well and invigorated will encourage you to exercise more and better which will boost metabolism and promote weight loss.keep_active.jpeg

  • Better sleep quality

Did you know that sleeping well is related to weight management? Several studies have proven that 7-9 hours of sleep every night have a positive impact on appetite. While we often think of appetite as simply a matter of stomach grumbling, it’s actually controlled by two neurotransmitters: ghrelin, which promotes hunger, and leptin, which contributes to feeling full. The body naturally increases and decreases the levels of these neurotransmitters throughout the day, signalling the need to consume calories. A good quality of sleep can therefore affect the body’s correct regulation of the appetite. In addition, research has also indicated that sleep deprivation affects food preferences: sleep-deprived individuals tend to choose foods that are high in calories and carbohydrates (yes, that lovely midnight spaghetti).

  • Boosts mood

We have previously seen that massage helps reduce the levels of cortisol, also called the “stress hormone”. Another great fact is that a professional massage increases the levels of serotonin, also known as the “happiness hormone”. When we feel relaxed, serene and happy, it is easier to make healthier life choices such as sticking to a detoxing diet or going regularly to the gym, or simply going for a walk or taking time to meditate. 


Furthermore, your therapist will always encourage you to stay hydrated, both after the treatment and as part of your lifestyle, in order to maximise the positive effects of the massage. Keeping your body hydrated will boost circulation and help control the appetite.

Last but not least, a professional massage is often seen as a “reward” after physical exercise, thus encouraging to be active and fit.

Amongst the various types of massage that we offer in our Fulham clinic, our team recommends for weight loss:

  • Lymphatic drainage, which will help eliminate extra fluids and reduce the feeling of bloating and puffiness
  • Deep tissue massage, which will relieve the pain in sore muscles and joints
  • Swedish massage massage, which will help relieve stress and boost circulation

We hope that you enjoyed this article about the benefits of massage for weight management; our team will be happy to share further information about this topic and to assist you with a booking. We look forward to welcoming you in our Fulham clinic soon!

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