Greetings from Fulham Massage & Wellness team

Although we miss you and our normal routines very much, we are trying to stay healthy, positive and ready for when the time comes to see you again. Our team of therapists and receptionists have been keeping busy with the training on new treatment protocols but we still manage to enjoy some quality free time. Here is a sneak peek of what we have all been up to in the last weeks: 




Bozena decided to take a spontaneous trip to Poland in order to visit her family. We hope she has a fantastic time and creates many unforgettable memories! We are excited to see more pictures and hear all about her trip when she is back.



Andreja takes every opportunity to go for a walk in the nature whenever she can. Amazing scenery, Andreja, we want to know all these hidden treasure spots!



We know already, that Florina loves to take on new activities. She is lucky enough to have friends close by who can share her passion. This time she has been polishing her tennis skills! Well done Florina on your very own Wimbledon tour!



With couple of rainy days lately, Fran is desperate to find new things to do! She decided to grab her apron and jump into the kitchen to do some baking. Well done, Fran! Hope you can share some great recipes with us!



Marianna and her family usually leave the house with a face mask on. This time they had a well-spent family day in Battersea Park Children’s Zoo. We love those colourful face coverings!



Yiota is now a proud “plant mom”! She planted sunflower seeds in March to bring this beautiful flower to life. Such a great accomplishment, Yiota! Just when the world slowly comes back to life, too!



Ildiko loves spending time exploring the new area she has been lucky to move to recently. She found many hidden gems and one of them included some ducks in a pond! Well done, Ildiko!



Israe took advantage of the summertime and headed for a small trip to Brighton. She has been disciplined with following social distancing rules. Well done, Israe, safety first! We hope she had a lovely time!



When it comes to her daily exercises, Katrina prefers to mix it up a little. Walking, running or simply just catching some nice deep breaths outdoors. Katrina sees it as an important part to relax after a long day!



Wanda has decided to try a new adventure: cycling! Although the last (and only) time she rode a bike was when she was about eight years old, she joined the London two-wheeled gang with enthusiasm and is now discovering new, interesting corners of the city.



Agata has been able to channel her inner child when exploring some reopened local outdoor playgrounds with Ollie. We are just wondering who is having more fun… :) 



Whilst working on the clinic’s risk assessment and testing different PPE protocols, Fran’s schedule is never too hectic to enjoy some nice, long walks outdoors with his wife and daughters. Beautiful Irish scenery is simpy irresistable!



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