Greetings from Fulham Massage & Wellness team!

Last month we have started a series of “What our team have been up to” as a way to stay in touch with you and to keep you updated on our team’s well-being. Thankfully all our staff members are well and healthy. Whilst we miss you tremendously, we understand it’s important to stay home for the time being. Here is a little peek on how our team have been spending time:


Bozena knows the importance of mind and body balance. She eases her mind with a quick meditation after her daily stretching. 

Bozena Copy


Andreja decided to wake up her creative side and learn how to play bass guitar. Looking good, Andreja!  We can’t wait to hear you playing for us soon!



Florina is also gaining some new scrumptious skills and baking some delicious cakes! Her flatmates cannot be happier, these cupcakes look yummy!



After all massages given to her fiancé Josh, he is now returning a favour and gives Fran some tough personal training sessions each morning. Great work, Fran, your clients can’t wait for some extra firm massage treatments when we are back in the clinic! We admire your persistence!



Marianna happily enjoys a refreshing iced coffee and some down time with her hubby while their beautiful baby girl, Amy, takes a much needed nap.



Yiota brushes up her cupping techniques after long cycling trips outside. She recently fell in love with cycling as a great way to enjoy the sunny weather. Great TLC, Yiota!  



Ildiko recently moved flat and can now appreciate the outside space on her balcony.  The fresh air has inspired her and she has decided to study for a driving test. Theory first though! We are rooting for you, Ildiko!



Israe has topped up her exercise game and is now practicing stability and balance work. Incredible effort, Israe! Stay focused!



Katrina finally found some time for her beloved literature. For sure, Milton's poem will keep her occupied for a while. 



Agata and Oliver have been enjoying some nice long walks. They also visit the clinic occasionally for some cleaning and DIY. No visit would be complete without a little playtime with the massage balls!




Fran loves spending his time in nature with his beautiful girls. We can’t blame you, Fran. With such a great company, who wouldn’t?  Thankfully the weather in Ireland has been great so they have been able to enjoy their walks almost every day!



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