How Massage works: Top 3 Massage Myths and Truths (Part 2)

With our main top 3 massage myths discussed in the previous blog article, let's have a look at the list of our top 3 massage truths!

Top 3 truths:

  1. Massage can change people’s lives

This has become one of Fulham Massage & Wellness’ leading phrases. We have witnessed hundreds of clients who found a new lease of life after discovering regular massage.

Massage has many physiological benefits such as improving cardiovascular efficiency - making you feel younger and keeping you out of pain. However, there is much more to it than that. It often gives people a bounce in their stride, increased confidence and self-esteem, and a feeling of more in control during stressful or high workloads. Massage also offers a unique and quality “me-time” which resets your body and mind. better version

We strongly believe that massage can make us better people. Many clients find that regular massage helps them to stay more patient towards their spouses or children (less on the “edge”), more productive at work with increased concentration, more organised, less cranky & irritable, and experiencing less depression. Massage helps you to become a better version of you, feeling happier and more balanced – that is one truth that we stand by and believe in helping change people’s lives.  

  1. Regular massage is a key

Like everything in life, routine and regularity are always the best way to achieve goals and create a healthy, happy life. Here are just some basic examples:

  • Sleeping - there is a reason why having a structured sleeping routine is important. Your body has a natural clock and needs a routine to function efficiently. Your body and mind needs down time to switch off and regenerate. People who work irregular shifts and have irregular sleeping pattern often experience many hormonal and psychological illnesses.
  • Diet – all nutritional therapists put a strong emphasis on eating meals at regular times. It teaches the body to use the energy in a consistent way.
  • Exercise – we all know how important is to exercise regularly – if you only go for a run or to the gym once every now and then, it’s still good, but your results won’t be as noticeable.
  • Dental check-ups – most dentists advise to have them every 6 months for the best results and maintenance. This often ensures you won’t experience any unexpected problems but stay on top of them
  • regularity

Massage treatments have a similar principle – the frequency of regularity is very important. In order to find what works best for your individual needs you may need to experiment and discuss it with your massage therapist. Some people choose to have a massage every 2-3 weeks, some every month and others every 6-8 weeks. We even have clients who find that a regular massage every 3-6 months works adequately for their needs.  Massage will work for you as long as it’s individualised for you and the regularity and frequency supports your lifestyle.

Plan it in advance so it has a meaningful place in your diary; work your day around it so it becomes an important part of your regular routine – it’s either worth doing or not worth doing. If you’re happy with the quality of treatments, stick to the same massage therapist so the progress can be monitored. They’ll also understand how your body works, responds and have a relationship of trust with you. Try to keep the appointment time similar each time so your body can get the best benefit – some people prefer to receive their massage in the mornings to revitalise them and others prefer it in the evening to be able to unwind and switch off.

  1. Drinking water before and after massage is actually very important

why should i drink water

You’ve heard it million times – drink plenty of water after your massage. But did anyone actually tell you why? During the massage we experience a release of toxins, acids and other waste products from the muscles and other organs. They are released via lymphatic drainage and enhanced blood circulation. If not flushed out, they get re-absorbed again into the muscles and therefore cause problems: hypertension, calcification, knots, etc. Drinking water means we are able to flush them out from our body, so going to the toilet for a frequent wee is actually very important detoxifying factor. If you experience any post massage soreness, it can often be associated with micro traumas and whether they’re being bathed in the recently released acids and waste products. Drinking water helps to speed up massage recovery by balancing the body’s natural biochemical state.

To find out more about how massage works or book your massage appointment at Fulham Massage & Wellness, give us a call on 02037949760. We can’t wait to show you the home truths of how massage can help you!

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