Deep Tissue Massage for pain and stress relief

Don’t suffer in silence! Free yourself from tension, pain or restricted movement and begin enjoying your life again. A deep tissue massage from Fulham Massage & Wellness is a safe and highly effective treatment for a wide range of conditions. Research proves that massage reduces muscle tension, increases circulation and calms the nervous system. As well as helping to ease and eliminate pain, it can aid healing and help prevent a return of the problem, leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Reduces back pain, knee pain or neck pain

Deep tissue massage is an extremely effective treatment for relieving pain resulting from tight muscles and is recommended for a range of conditions including cramp, clenched jaw and tight shoulders. It also works in unison with the nervous system, by transmitting calming chemical messages throughout the body, easing tension and helping you to relax.

Fluid retention

Many factors can contribute to fluid retention – including injuries, surgery or pregnancy. Deep tissue massage helps to drain the excess build-up of fluid from the muscles, resulting in improving circulation and mobility

Stress relief massage

Massage therapy is one of the most successful and widely used methods for the treatment and management of stress tension. Along with reducing the likelihood of stress-related injury or illness, it has a powerful energising effect on both mind and body. It is also effective in the treatment of conditions aggravated by stress, such as asthma, migraines or insomnia.

Alleviates post-exercise soreness

Soreness and pain following exercise is caused by a build-up of waste products and microscopic tears in the muscles. Deep tissue massage is highly beneficial in the relief and prevention of post-exercise soreness, as well as aiding speedy recover, even for recreational joggers or weekend soccer warriors.

Prevents injuries

Repetitive movement or straining can apply stress to unbalanced muscle groups, leading to tension and injury, especially when an area of muscle is already tight. Deep tissue massage helps to reduce the likelihood of injury by relieving chronic tension in the body.

Treats injuries such as muscles strains, knee pain and twisted ankles

Deep tissue massage is highly effecting in the relief of injuries such as tendinitis, ligament sprains and muscle strains. By removing waste materials and bringing nutrients to injured cells, massage helps reduce swelling and inflammation. It can also break down old scar tissue and prevent further scarring.

Relieves pain or tingling in your arms or legs

Pain or tingling in the limbs is typically caused by tight muscles restricting the nerves that run to the arms, hands or legs. Deep tissue massage releases spasm in your neck, shoulder or hip, relaxing the muscles and relieving pain or tingling.

Eases secondary pain

Secondary pain can be caused by a problem or change in another area of the body, and can often outlast original cause. Examples include headaches from eyestrain, backache during pregnancy, or the protective tensing of healthy muscles surrounding an injury. Deep tissue massage is an effective treatment for the relief of secondary pain.

Reduces pain or restrictions in joints – help for arthritis

Conditions such as arthritis and rheumatism can result in pain and restricted movement in the joints. By releasing tension in the muscles that surround and attach to the joints, deep tissue massage improves mobility and circulation & reduces pain. It also promotes natural lubrication in the joints and improved general health.

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